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  1. Platner easy chair
    Regular Price MX$37,399.00 Special Price MX$29,919.00
    Platner easy chair
  2. No. 42 Chair
    Regular Price MX$4,899.00 Special Price MX$3,909.00
    No. 42 Chair Available stock
  3. Silla Featherston
    Regular Price MX$7,399.00 Special Price MX$5,929.00
    Silla Featherston
  4. PK25
    Special Price MX$14,819.00 Regular Price MX$18,499.00
  5. Roxy chair
    Special Price MX$13,089.00 Regular Price MX$16,399.00
    Roxy chair
  6. LC3 Estilo Armchair Feather version
    Regular Price MX$27,499.00 Special Price MX$21,999.00
    LC3 Estilo Armchair Feather version
  7. Sillón Estilo Platner (versión grande)
    Regular Price MX$34,799.00 Special Price MX$27,879.00
    Sillón Estilo Platner (versión grande)
  8. Sillón Estilo Platner
    Regular Price MX$25,499.00 Special Price MX$20,399.00
    Sillón Estilo Platner
  9. Silla Flag
    Regular Price MX$34,399.00 Special Price MX$27,539.00
    Silla Flag
  10. Silla Easy FK 6720-1
    Regular Price MX$32,399.00 Special Price MX$25,939.00
    Silla Easy FK 6720-1
  11. Sillón PK24
    Regular Price MX$31,499.00 Special Price MX$25,229.00
    Sillón PK24 Available stock
  12. Silla Karuslli
    Regular Price MX$29,099.00 Special Price MX$23,259.00
    Silla Karuslli
  13. Sillón CH-101
    Regular Price MX$27,599.00 Special Price MX$22,099.00
    Sillón CH-101
  14. Sillón PK31
    Regular Price MX$16,499.00 Special Price MX$13,209.00
    Sillón PK31 Available stock
  15. Silla Little albert
    Regular Price MX$11,499.00 Special Price MX$9,199.00
    Silla Little albert
  16. Silla Bugatti
    Regular Price MX$21,599.00 Special Price MX$17,309.00
    Silla Bugatti
  17. KB05 Sofa Fauteuil
    Regular Price MX$20,599.00 Special Price MX$16,489.00
    KB05 Sofa Fauteuil
  18. X Armchair Upholstered
    Regular Price MX$3,599.00 Special Price MX$2,889.00
    X Armchair Upholstered Available stock
  19. Silla DAW Windsor
    Regular Price MX$2,899.00 Special Price MX$2,349.00
    Silla DAW Windsor
  20. X Armchair
    Regular Price MX$2,899.00 Special Price MX$2,349.00
    X Armchair
  21. PP68 Chair
    Regular Price MX$3,299.00 Special Price MX$2,669.00
    PP68 Chair Available stock
  22. DAW Chair Transparent
    Regular Price MX$3,099.00 Special Price MX$2,469.00
    DAW Chair Transparent
  23. The Diamond chair
    Regular Price MX$7,099.00 Special Price MX$5,699.00
    The Diamond chair Available stock
  24. Diamond Chair Upholstery
    Regular Price MX$13,099.00 Special Price MX$10,469.00
    Diamond Chair Upholstery Available stock
  25. Eero Saarinen Tulip Armhair Plastic Replica
    Regular Price MX$2,899.00 Special Price MX$2,299.00
    Eero Saarinen Tulip Armhair Plastic Replica Available stock
  26. Dowel Square Fauteuil Sofa
    Regular Price MX$18,299.00 Special Price MX$14,619.00
    Dowel Square Fauteuil Sofa
  27. Dowel Fauteuil
    Regular Price MX$15,099.00 Special Price MX$12,069.00
    Dowel Fauteuil
  28. Fauteuil Model 2
    Regular Price MX$12,299.00 Special Price MX$9,879.00
    Fauteuil Model 2
  29. Fauteuil Model 1
    Regular Price MX$12,899.00 Special Price MX$10,339.00
    Fauteuil Model 1 Available stock
  30. Relax Chair
    Regular Price MX$16,499.00 Special Price MX$15,669.00
    Relax Chair
  31. Rocking Chair
    Regular Price MX$17,099.00 Special Price MX$13,689.00
    Rocking Chair
  32. The Chair Cord Seat
    Regular Price MX$11,099.00 Special Price MX$10,539.00
    The Chair Cord Seat Available stock
  33. Easy Chair
    Regular Price MX$12,299.00 Special Price MX$9,829.00
    Easy Chair Available stock
  34. Pelican Chair
    Regular Price MX$20,499.00 Special Price MX$19,469.00
    Pelican Chair