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  1. No. 42 Chair
    Regular Price MX$6,629.00 Special Price MX$3,909.00
    No. 42 Chair Available stock
  2. GE240 Fauteuil
    Regular Price MX$18,279.00 Special Price MX$10,969.00
    GE240 Fauteuil
  3. Relax Chair
    Regular Price MX$20,569.00 Special Price MX$12,339.00
    Relax Chair Available stock
  4. Rocking Chair
    Regular Price MX$22,809.00 Special Price MX$13,689.00
    Rocking Chair
  5. The Chair Cord Seat
    Regular Price MX$14,815.00 Special Price MX$8,889.00
    The Chair Cord Seat Available stock
  6. Easy Chair
    Regular Price MX$16,382.00 Special Price MX$9,829.00
    Easy Chair
  7. Ox Chair
    Regular Price MX$27,799.00 Special Price MX$16,679.00
    Ox Chair
  8. Pelican Chair
    Regular Price MX$101,999.00 Special Price MX$16,439.00
    Pelican Chair
  9. Modular Sofa Fauteuil or middle piece
    Regular Price MX$18,699.00 Special Price MX$11,199.00
    Modular Sofa Fauteuil or middle piece
  10. Chinese Chair Leather Seat
    Regular Price MX$12,919.00 Special Price MX$7,749.00
    Chinese Chair Leather Seat
  11. Chinese Chair Cord Seat
    Regular Price MX$98,829.00 Special Price MX$7,379.00
    Chinese Chair Cord Seat
  12. Chieftain Style Arm Chair
    Regular Price MX$38,759.00 Special Price MX$23,209.00
    Chieftain Style Arm Chair
  13. CH24 Style Rattan Dining Chair Coloured
    Regular Price MX$7,115.00 Special Price MX$4,269.00
    CH24 Style Rattan Dining Chair Coloured Available stock
  14. DAR ABS Arm Chair
    Regular Price MX$1,649.00 Special Price MX$989.00
    DAR ABS Arm Chair Available stock
  15. DAX Chair with upholstery
    Regular Price MX$13,429.00 Special Price MX$8,019.00
    DAX Chair with upholstery