The below provisions set out the terms and conditions (the Terms and Conditions) which govern the interactions between the users of the website www.RetroMobili.com (the Website) and Retro Mobili Ltd., a limited liability company having its seat Mexico City, Mexico.

These Terms and Conditions apply to:

  • any use of the Website;
  • the sale of products through the Website and the delivery of these products;

For each of these activities, these Terms and Conditions shall be the only applicable conditions excluding any other, unless explicitly agreed otherwise between the parties.

Users of the Website are deemed to read and accept the applicable Terms and Conditions.

Retro Mobili Ltd. reserves the right to amend and change these Terms and Conditions. The amended Terms and Conditions will be immediately applicable when they are uploaded on the Website, and apply to any orders placed subsequently. In any case, orders can only be placed after the customer has explicitly accepted the applicable Terms and Conditions.

2. Order products from the catalogue

2.1 Product description

The products offered for sale are described in the catalogue published on the Website. The catalogue gives an accurate representation of the products using pictures as well as a description of the product characteristics.

2.2 Availability and special promotions

The Website indicates which products are available for purchase. Certain products, such as promotions, will only be available for a short time. This will be indicated in the catalogue.

Nevertheless, it may happen that a product becomes suddenly unavailable (e.g., because of a shortage at the production facility). Therefore, we will confirm the availability of the product once the order has been submitted.

2.3 Make a choice

To order a product, the customer must complete the order procedure on the Website. When the customer completes the order procedure, the customer will receive a message confirming the order. This message also contains a summary of the order.

Our order acknowledgement is not a contract and does not constitute an acceptance of your order, but only a record of your offer to purchase a particular item at a particular price. After you place an order, Retro Mobili will determine whether or not to fulfill the order and Retro Mobili may refuse or limit your order for any reason. By placing your order, you agree to accept all terms and conditions set forth anywhere on this site.

Retro Mobili reserves the right to accept, refuse, or limit your order for any reason, including, but not limited to, credit review, the unavailability of a product or errors in the prices and product descriptions posted on this website. By placing your order, you agree that Retro Mobili’s total liability, under any legal theory or claim, shall be limited to the purchase price actually paid to Retro Mobili for the product giving rise to Retro Mobili’s liability.

2.4 Price

All prices are stated in Euro, Pounds, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone and Norwegian Krone and inclusive of taxes. In case of a change in the applicable VAT-tariffs, the price will be updated automatically and the customers will be informed on the due date of the new prices. For orders exempt of VAT, the normal legal rules will apply. Prices are due immediately and no reductions shall be granted, unless explicitly provided in the catalogue.

2.5 Payment and purchase

Payment only is possible using a valid and legitimate credit card and through invoice. The total price corresponds to the product price indicated on the Website plus the transport costs indicated in the confirmation message for the sale. The customer gives the delivery address and validates the basket and the total price. The sale will only be completed if the customer carefully completes the required credit card details. The customer then confirms his/her order by clicking the “Confirm” button. This concludes the sale under the suspensive condition that the chosen product is currently available. When the product is available on stock or on order, this will be confirmed in a confirmation message to the customer.

The seller retains the property over the products until the complete and effective payment by the customer. If the products have not been paid, the seller can refuse to deliver the products. Nevertheless, the customer will bear the risk for the products as from delivery.

SAFETY: The Website relies on powerful security systems and frequently uses encryption of all sensitive data. Retro Mobili Limited never has access to confidential data relating to the payment. These data are accessible exclusively for BARCLAYS bank and the online payment service EPDQ BARCLAYCARD.

2.6 Delivery

With the order, the customer gives the address for the delivery, indicating the preferred time-slot for delivery. The order confirmation indicates the delivery date. Orders are normally dispatched the same day as when the order is placed. Items in stock can take up to 8 days to be delivered. Non-stock items can take up to 18 weeks to be delivered.

To facilitate the delivery, the customer is requested to provide a telephone number so he/she can be reached if needed.

Customer orders are placed with Retro Mobili Ltd. Customers will be responsible for the importation of the goods ordered, but the customer authorises RetroMobili.com to appoint his agent with respect to the arrangement of all customs and shipping measures and documents needed for the importation of the goods to the address the customer has stated when placing his order.

As the customers agent, Retro Mobili will also arrange for the shipment of the goods to said address by engaging a separate transportation company on the customer’s behalf. Currently, Retro Mobili will engage DPD and DHL for the transport. DPD and DHL delivers rapidly to your doorstep or at a service point close to your home. Retro Mobili nor the transporter can be held responsible if the delivery cannot take place as a result of the incorrect address or other delivery information provided by the customer.

The transporter contacts the customer by telephone or by e-mail in order to agree the exact delivery time. ATTENTION: the customer must indicate all relevant obstacles or other difficulties relevant for the delivery of the products. This may require exact measurement of the access to the delivery location. Any additional delivery costs, such as the rent of a lift or storage space, or costs caused by incorrect information or absence of the customer at the agreed time of delivery (including the cost for a second delivery), will be charged to the customer.

If the customer wishes to change the address or any other delivery details before the indicated delivery date, the customer must send an e-mail to info@retromobili.com or use the functionality “My Account” to notify Retro Mobili of this at least 48 hours prior to delivery. In this notification, the customer must mention the order number and the relevant product. Retro Mobili will confirm the change by phone or e-mail, or refuse if the change is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or if there is there is another legitimate reason to refuse the change. If the delivery is postponed at the request or because of a fault of the customer, additional storage cost may be charged to the customer, which will not exceed EUR 30 per month.

2.7 Damage and defects

The customer is supposed to inspect the integrity of the products upon delivery. Retro Mobili will grant you a guarantee period of one year on all of our products. If during this period the product becomes defective due to a production fault, Retro Mobili will replace the part of the product which is broken, or the whole product.

If the customer should find a defect in the delivered product, including damage, ineptness or non-conformity to the product description, the customer must mention this in writing on the delivery documents. In addition, the customer must submit his or her remarks to Retro Mobili in writing. Retro Mobili’s liability for damage or defects is limited to the relevant system imposed by law.

2.8 Renunciation

The customer purchasing as a consumer has the right to renounce to the purchase of the product until 7 days after the delivery date. To renounce, the customer must send back the product at its own expense, unused and still in its original packaging to Retro Mobili. The customer must inform Retro Mobili through info@retromobili.com. You will then receive instructions on how to proceed via e-mail.

If the client cancels his order before delivery, a cancelation fee of 20% will be substracted form the refund amount.

The right for the customer to renounce does not apply to perishable or consumable goods purchased via the Website. The renunciation can also not be accepted if the products have been used by the customer.

This right to give up an order does not apply to professionals, to products that were specifically modified upon customer’s request, distinctly personalized, or that based on their nature cannot be re-dispatched or are easily damaged.

The client himself/herself is committed from the moment when he/she has entered a contract with one of the representatives, agents or members of the Retro Mobili LTD personnel, and/or he has carried out a down payment and/or paid the agreed upon price.
The order is closed and final with the signature of the order form and/or the payment of the deposit by the client. No cancelation rights apply.

3. Intellectual property

The design of the Website, as well as all graphic elements thereof, including the depicted products, their design, image etc. are owned by Retro Mobili Limited or its commercial partners. It is not permitted to use, copy or imitate these without Retro Mobili’ explicit prior authorization.

If you believe that the images or products on this Website infringe your or a third party’s rights, please immediately inform Retro Mobili so we can assess the alleged infringement and remove the relevant images or products if required.

Retro Mobili cannot be held responsible for any infringement by its commercial partners or by the users of the Webiste.

4. Liability

Retro Mobili’s liability is limited to the liability imposed by provisions of mandatory law. Retro Mobili Limited cannot be held liable for any indirect damage, such as loss of turnover, lost profits or increased overall costs. Retro Mobili Limited can also not be held liable for the damage that have been caused, directly or indirectly, by an act of the customer or a third party, irrespective of whether this was caused by an act or omission, or by an act of God. The customer’s timely and well-founded complaint of the customer can only lead to either the reparation or the replacement (in part or as a whole) or completion by Retro Mobili of the relevant products, and Retro Mobili cannot be held to pay additional damages.

5. Data protection

Retro Mobili Ltd. may register personal data provided by the customer (online, by e-mail or in any other manner) in an automated data file.

We do not collect any personal information, except where it is specifically and knowingly provided by you with your consent. We only collect personal information that is necessary to process and fulfill your orders, or undertake the facilities offered by this site. We only keep personal information for as long as it required and for the purpose it was collected. As an additional security measure, we remove all payment details from our servers as soon as practicable after the order is processed. We supply personal information to our distributors and bankers for the purposes of collecting payment and dispatching your order. The transfer of personal information is always undertaken using secure encryption (SSL) technology. Personal information of any type is never transferred outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).

The following personal data are stored when a customer places an (online) order: name, address, telephone number(s), e-mail address, order.

The following personal data will be stored when registering for the Website: name, address, telephone number(s), e-mail address, website, browser type, routing.

6. Miscellaneous provisions

If one or more provision in these Terms and Conditions should be declared invalid, this/these provision(s) will be considered non-existant but this will not affect the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which remain in force.

All proceedings resulting from the application of these Terms and Conditions shall belong to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Edinburgh, UK. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Scottish law. The application of the United Nations Convention on contracts for the international sales of goodsis explicitly excluded.

Retro Mobili Limited